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Stop guessing and make a profit!  Are you ready to take your business to the people you can serve.  In order to get there, you need to reach a lot more people. We know the fastest way to those people and convert them.  Hyperlocal marketing is our thing!!!  Advertising on Facebook has grown over 680% since 2010, so there must be a good reason for this. That’s because it works! Facebook now has the ability to target users based on their behaviors off Facebook. This includes browsing, online purchases and app use history.  This potentially powerful new tool encompasses a wide range of behaviors. Get ahead of the competition.

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What’s Hyper Local Marketing and how it Changes everything

Are you a lawyer near Chicago?  

Here’s the simple math, avg bankruptcy cost. $500 – $3000 we’ll generate the leads, on average you’ll see 10 – 20 leads per month in your area or we can also target multiple locations.  We’ll install tracking pixels on your website and other tracking conversion software, we’ll report the data every 30 days, consult with you on its success or suggest changes. We’ll continue to work on funneling leads to the website. We’ll assist with a marketing funnels and landing pages to assist with conversion, its all included in the package.  NO SET UP FEES. Call us for pricing or fill out the form and we’ll contact you right away. START CLOSING LEADS  NOT CHASING THEM.


Why Use Hyperlocal Facebook Marketing

A lot of people hate making ads just as much as you do, so they’re happy to hand that part off to us.  Thanks to our clients who depend on our skills to get results, we’ve gotten very good at producing results.  On Facebook, all that matters is who your target customers are. This means you’re targeting real people with real interests. 

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In return, all we ask for permission to use your results for future case studies and testimonials if satisfied.  After you sign up, we’ll contact go over our process and start our Facebook Marketing Ad. Your ads will be safe and Facebook compliant. If your ad/images gets denied for some reason, I’ll fix it or replace it for free.

Why Use Facebooks Ads?

Because It works!!!

Facebook dramatically improved its features for advertisers to managed and lower their new customer acquisition cost by as much as 73%. This kind of targeting is so hyper-focused that Facebook ads are now a very good solution  for doctors, lawyers, entertainers, salon and spa owner, e-commerce websites and more.

Facebook is a powerful, versatile, and effective advertising platform. Fill our our form or contact us today if you have questions. 708-808-0830

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